Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that we have received about Scholar Works Enterprises of GA, Inc. We will continue to expand the Frequently Asked Questions list as we receive them:

 1) What do your services include?

Our services include:

  1. Providing preparatory information for college entry exams, ie. SAT and ACT
  2. Offering campus tours to various college campuses so that students can choose a college best suited for them.
  3. Providing information and assistance for applying for financial aid.
  4. Offering youth motivational conferences and workshops to youth ages 11 - 19
  5. Providing and promoting a curriculum with a real-world, career-oriented perspective with the help of community businesses and major corporations who would agree to offer internships, or group tours of their facilities.
  6. Providing volunteering opportunities to students ages 11 - 19
  7. Enhance communication with community based tutoring programs for students who need their services.
  8. Offering mentorship programs with community professionals (ie. business owners, doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc.)
  9. Organizing college fairs
  10. Providing Youth Entrepreneurship Workshops and Money Skills


2) What do you hope to accomplish through your services?

  1. Help decrease the drop out rate among minority and/or at risk youth ages 11 – 19.
  2. Motivate youth to attend college or other post-secondary institutions.
  3. Better educate parents of minority /at risk youth about the steps in preparing their children for college, and applying for financial aid.
  4. Better prepare at risk youth (ages 11 – 19) in seeking a post-secondary education after high school
  5. Empower at risk youth with the knowledge of money skills and the ability to think outside of the box in relation to funding their college education or any other venture they decide to pursue in the present or future.
  6. Equip “at risk youth” with the understanding of the relevance of school to the real world through our Entrepreneur Workshops and career-oriented perspectives offered by community businesses and major corporations.
  7. Improve test taking skills among at risk youth (ages 11 – 19)


3) How does Scholar Works define the term “at risk youth”?

The term “at risk youth” is intended to refer to youth who may have a higher risk of not acquiring the same knowledge, experiences, and exposure as other youth in their age category in regards to college and activities promoting the pursuit of a post secondary education, due to adverse circumstances. The following my be applied to our definition of “at risk youth”:

  1. Youth living within a low performing school zone with low test skills
  2. Youth ages 11 – 19 years with “C” or “D” grade point averages, and display good or average conduct on report cards, regardless of ethnicity.
  3. Youth ages 11 – 19 years from low income households.
  4. Minority youth ages 11 -19 years who have at least a 2.0 GPA, and display good conduct on report cards, regardless of household income.
    • Handicap youth ages 11 – 19 years (limited to only include youth diagnosed with Attention deficit disorder, speech impairment (stuttering); Dyslexia (reading), Dyscalculia (math), Dysgraphia (writing), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  5. First generation students who will be the first to attend college in their family.





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