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Scholar Works Enterprises of GA, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to provide career mentoring and college prep support to  middle school and high school students identified as high risk.  Scholar Works Enterprises of GA was established in 2004 by two friends who were motivated by the critical need to address alarming drop out rates of minority youth matriculating through the Georgia Public School system. 


Our Mission

The mission of Scholar Works Enterprises of GA  is to serve as a cultural catalyst providing
the tools and resources needed to foster a social climate supportive of the
educational success of children and youth identified as high risk between the
ages of 11 - 19 years.  Our organization's four main programs are: promoting and preparing youth for
post-secondary school attendance and success;  motivating youth toward healthy eating and  lifestyle choices;  inspiring entrepreneurial thinking and action
through actual business leadership practice and workshops; empowering youth through financial literacy.  


Scholar Works collaborates with several community stakeholders and partners in facilitating support services for program participants. Our curriculum and goals are not only targeted towards helping students prepare for college, but also towards encouraging students and parents to adopt healthy lifestyles  through diet and exercise that will allow them to perform at their maximum potential while in pursuit of their life goals.  We motivate students to “think outside of the box” when achieving their life goals, and to always be aware of the impact of a healthy lifestyle on the life span of their success through:

  • Excellence in school workshops
    • Providing Test Taking Skill Workshops/ Resources for middle school and high school students.
    • Providing tools and supportive programs for excelling in Math and Science for middle school and high school students.
    • Providing Tutorial Resources for middle school and high school students
  • College and/or post-secondary prep workshops
    • Providing support in applying for financial aid and scholarships
    • Providing PSAT, SAT, ACT, prep resources
    • Providing support in identifying colleges, trade schools, and/or career paths most suited for each individual student
  • Entrepreneurship/money skills workshops
    • Providing knowledge on the difference between an employee and entrepreneur
    • Providing knowledge and discussions on the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
    • Providing opportunities to meet and greet local young entrepreneurs/investors
    • Providing healthy competitive environments through our business plan competitions and youth biz camps.
  • College Campus Tours
    • Providing early exposure to college campuses
    • Providing fun filled and educational bus/  physical walking tours of college campuses in the U.S.
    • Providing hands on knowledge of college life and preparation for the real world
  • Physical Acitivity and Healthy Living Workshops/Programs
  • Community Service


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