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Do you have a student who is interested in or preparing to go to college?

If the answer is yes, then come let Scholar Works Enterprises of GA, Inc. give your student the works to reaching his/her goals. We at Scholar Works believe that every child that wants to go to college should have the opportunity to do so. Scholar Works offers a variety of services to aid you and your student in preparation for their college journey. Our services include:

1. Providing preparatory information for college entry exams, ie. SAT and ACT
2. Offering campus tours to various college campuses so that you and your student can choose a college best suited for him or her.
3. Providing information and assistance for applying for financial aid.
4. Offering youth motivational conferences and workshops to youth ages 11 - 18
5. Providing and promoting a curriculum with a real-world, career-oriented perspective with the help of community businesses and major corporations who would agree to offer internships, or group tours of their facilities.
6. Providing volunteering opportunities to students ages 11 - 18
7. Enhance communication with community based tutoring programs for students who need their services.
8. Offering mentorship programs with community professionals (ie. business owners, doctors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc.)
9. Organizing college fairs

Lastly, Scholar Works wants to inspire and motivate every student to attend a place of higher learning and to reach their career goal.


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